8 Most Common Types of Hacker Motivations

Hacker Motivations

8 Most Common Types of Hacker Motivations “Hacker Motivations” is a loose term and has totally different meanings. Usually the term “Hacker Motivations ” is somebody who breaks into PC networks for the happiness. He gets from challenge of doing it or with another intention like stealing information for cash or with political Hacker motivations. Hacker Motivations are classified to differing kinds. a number of them are list below.

This observes will either be ethical or unethical. The activity wherever one breaks into the system however doesn’t violate its security and credentials is call ethical Hacking. Ethical hackers aim to bring into administrator’s notice, vulnerabilities and voids within the system thereby, improvising the robustness and security. They’re strictly tech-geeks with immaculate programming skills and hands-on information on each computer hardware and software system. On the opposite hand, there are people that will though break into systems, get access to secured accounts. However their actions are sometimes unauthoriz whereas they create a backdoor entry into your system. These people are known as ‘crackers’. They try and crack passwords, security codes, etc exploitation various hacking software’s that are already offer. Such software’s are meant to interrupt the code exploitation a lot of trials programmed into it by different hackers. Hackers usually fall into one of the following categories, according to their activities 8 Most Common Types of Hacker Motivations:

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Black Hats:

Black hats are individuals who use their extraordinary computing skills for illegal or malicious functions. This class of hacker is usually involve criminal activities. They’re additionally call crackers. They’re usually refer to as crackers. Black Hat Hackers will gain the unauthorized access of your system and destroy your important information. The strategy of offensive they use common hacking practices they need learned earlier. They ‘rethought-about to be as criminals and may be simply known owing to their malicious actions.

White Hats:

White hats or penetration testers are individuals who use their hacking skills for defensive functions. These days, nearly each organization has security analysts who are experience hacking countermeasures. Which may secure its network and data systems against malicious attacks. they need permission from the system owner. White hat hackers are one who is allow certified hackers who work for the govt. And organizations by activity penetration testing and characteristic loopholes in their cyber security. They additionally make sure the protection from the malicious cyber crimes. They work below the foundations and rules provided by the govt., that’s why they’re known as ethical hackers or Cyber security specialists.

Gray Hats:

Gray hats are the individuals who work each offensively and defensively at numerous times. Grey hats fall between white and black hats. Grey hats may help hackers find numerous vulnerabilities of a system or network at a similar time. Help vendors to enhance product by checking limitations and creating them more secure. Grey hat hacker’s fall somewhere within the class between white hat and black hat hackers. They’re not legally approve hackers. They work with each smart and bad intention; they’ll use their skills for private gain. It all depends upon the hacker. If a grey hat hacker uses his ability for his personal gains, he/she is consider as black hat hackers.

Suicide Hackers:

Suicide hacker’s are people who aim to bring down important infrastructure for a “cause” and aren’t disturb regarding facing jail terms or the other quite penalty.They are kind of like suicide bombers, who sacrifice their life for an attack and are so not involve with the results of their actions.

Script Kiddies:

script kiddies are unskilled hackers who compromise systems by running scripts, tools.. And software developed by real hackers. They sometimes target the number of attacks instead of the standard of the attacks that they initiate. A Script Kiddies is essentially a hacker amateur who doesn’t have a lot of information to program tools to breaks into pc networks. He usually use downloaded hacking tools from net written by alternative hackers/security specialists.

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Cyber Terrorists:

Cyber terrorists are individuals with a large range of skills, intend by religious or political views to make fear of large-scale disruption of PC networks. These hackers, usually motivated by non secular or political views, commit to produce fear and chaos by disrupting essential infrastructures. Cyber terrorists are far and away the foremost dangerous, with a large range of skills and goals. Cyber Terrorists final motivation is to unfold fear, terror and commit murder..

State Sponsored Hackers:

State sponsored hackers are individuals utilize by the govt. to penetrate and gain classified data and to break data systems of alternative governments. Nation or State sponsored hackers are those who are utilize by their state or nation’s government to snoop in and penetrate through full security to realize confidential information from alternative governments to remain at the highest on-line. They need an endless budget and extremely advanced tools at their disposal to focus on people, corporations or rival nations.


policy is once hackers AN entry burgled entered forced the lock government or company pc systems as an act of protest. Hacktivists use hacking to extend awareness of their social or political agendas, similarly as themselves, in each the web and offline arenas. They’re people who promote a political agenda by hacking, particularly by defacing or disabling websites. A Hacktivist is a hacker with political intentions. The hacktivist has the same skills as that of a hacker and uses similar tools as the hacker. the first intention of an hacktivist is to bring public attention to a political matter. Common Hacktivist targets embrace government agencies, international companies, or the other entity that they understand as a threat. It remains a reality; however, that gaining unauthorized access may be a crime, no matter their intentions.

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