Anti-phishing Tools Guide

What are some easy anti-phishing tools?

An Anti-phishing Tools Guide toolbar is a outstanding way to assist alongside these who are much less computer-savvy. You can strive and train them how to become aware of and keep away from phishing attempts, however the truth is, they may also in no way turn out to be adept at it.

Doing a speedy search on the web can yield you many respectable free results. A free anti-phishing toolbar can also be enough for everyday day-to-day browsing, however we advocate you to additionally seem at anti-phishing carrier for your enterprise.

Toolbar at Netcraft

The Netcraft Toolbar provides updated information about the sites users visit regularly and blocks dangerous sites. The toolbar provides you with a wealth of data about the sites you visit. This information will assist you make an informed choice about the integrity of these sites.


  • Protect your savings from Phishing attacks
  • Observes the hosting location and risk rating of each website visited (as well as other information)
  • Helps in defending the web community from fraudsters
  • Checks if a web site supports Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)
  • Observes if a web site is laid low with the aftermath of the Heartbleed vulnerability


PhishTank is a collaborative clearinghouse for data and information about phishing on the Internet. It provides an open API for developers and researchers to integrate anti-phishing data into their applications. learn more about Anti-phishing tools in CEH from Infosavvy.

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Common Social Engineering Targets and Defense Strategies

Attackers implement various social engineering techniques to trick people into providing sensitive information about their organizations, thus helping the attackers in launching malicious activities. These techniques are used on privileged individuals, or those who have important information.

The table below shows common social engineering targets, various social engineering techniques an attacker uses, and the defense strategies to counter the attacks.



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