Capabilities to Look for in Threat Intelligence Solution

Capabilities to Look for in Threat Intelligence Solution organizations are unable to prevent evolving cyber threats as the adversaries are continually changing their attack trends. Threat intelligence enhances the cyber security posture of the organization by providing protection from such evolving threats and also enhances the detection capabilities of various endpoint security controls such as SIEM and 105/IPS. With the continuous evolution of threat landscape and ever-changing TTPs of adversaries, organizations need to incorporate threat intelligence solutions into their current security posture to detect, prevent, and protect themselves from such threats.

Following capabilities while selecting a threat intelligence solution:

Automate Data Collection Process

The threat intelligence solutions gather data from various internal, external, open, and dosed sources. They also collect data and event log information from the internal network, which helps in identifying and analyzing threats from the external network. The data is collected from the external sources to identify indications of vulnerabilities and upcoming attacks in different places such as dark web forums. Detecting threats before they are exploited helps organizations in building appropriate defense strategies Ill provide a timely and effective response.

Informed Analysis and Prediction

The threat intelligence solutions not only gather data from appropriate sources but also analyze the collected data to detect loCs, providing context, consequences, and proactive countermeasures. These solutions must be capable of generating intelligence in both machines -readable and human-readable formats. threat intelligence in machine­ readable format helps in automation of real-time monitoring and alerting and provides quick response to the detected threats. Human-readable threat intelligence provides Narrative analysis that helps in identifying the context, intention of threat actors, predicting evolving threats, and providing recommendations.

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Create Personalized Content

Many organizations provide services through systems and software that are available publicly. Therefore, producing personalized content will not suffice for effective threat intelligence. This is because many threats target the application or software vulnerabilities instead of a specific organization. I n such scenario, it is important to have threat intelligence solution that collects data from relevant sources. Also, monitoring specific organizations and even people on social media sites and other parts of the Internet helps organizations in predicting evolving threats such as phishing and masquerading.

Deliver Significant Insights

The intelligence produced by threat intelligence solutions must meet the requirements of the organization and must provide relevant insights that give both contextual and actionable intelligence. These solutions must help the analysts by reducing the false positive alert rates and highlight the alerts that are relevant to the target organization.

Disseminate Understandable Intelligence

Nowadays there are various open standards available to disseminate intelligence in both machine-readable and human-readable formats. Threat intelligence solutions must here to these standards instead of proprietary formats. Using solutions that are capable of understanding and disseminating threat intelligence will result in more accurate and larger data sets.

Integrate with Security Controls

The intelligence produced Capabilities to Look for in Threat Intelligence Solution must be integrated with the existing security controls of the organization. These solutions must be capable of combining the existing systems with the internal and external intelligence so that they provide context to the evolving threat landscape. Integration with security controls such as SIEM helps organizations remove false positives and concentrate on highly crucial security issues.

Enhance Patch Management

The threat intelligence supports governance, risk management, and compliance operations in an organization with patch management services. The actionable intelligence derived from the threat intelligence solutions helps in identifying weak and exploitable data and further helps the security teams prioritize vulnerabilities that need to be patched first.

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Prioritize Events and Provide Contextual Awareness

The threat intelligence solutions integrate d with SIEM solutions provide security professionals with contextual intelligence that further helps in the prioritization of important security events increasing the power of SIEM systems.

Detect and Fix Security Incidents

The threat intelligence solution must be capable of providing support to forensic tea ms in detect ion and fixation of security incidents. It helps them in discovering and fixing IT resources that are impacted by the incident. It also provides knowledge of threat actor and TIPs used.

Pivot on a Single Indicator and Find Related Events

Generally, isolated indicators may seem harmless, but when these indicators are combined with all the related events, this may lead to a complex targeted attack. Therefore, a threat intelligence solution must be able to detect a single indicator and then find all the related indicators and events to assess the possibility of an attack. This helps organizations in detecting the attacks in ea rly stages and eliminates the impact caused by the attack.

Capable of Building New Protections and Preventing Evolving Threats

The threat intelligence solutions must provide not only services such as prioritizing and analyzing threats but also capabilities such as building new protect ion mechanisms and preventing evolving threats. These capabilities help organizations detect threat indicators as soon as they enter into the organizations’ network and guide the security tea ms in building appropriate security protections to thwart such attacks.

Ability to Extract High-Value Actionable Intelligence

Modern cyber attacks are more sophisticated where the attackers are using highly advanced techniques and tools to perform attacks. To detect and mitigate such attacks, organizations need to understand who, how, and why aspects of an attack. Therefore, threat intelligence solutions must be capable of combining adversary intelligence with machine-based intelligence for prolife rating threats before, during, and after attacks.

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