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What piece of hardware on a computer’s motherboard generates encryption keys and only releases a part of the key so that decrypting a disk on a new piece of hardware is not possible? Option 1: CPU Option 2 : UEFI Option 3: GPU Option 4 : TPM 1. CPU The pc’s central process unit (CPU) is that the portion of a computer that retrieves and executes instructions. … The cpu is usually simply mentioned as
SQL injection (SQLi) attacks attempt to inject SQL syntax into web requests, which may bypass authentication and allow attackers to access and/or modify data attached to a web application. Which of the following SQLi types leverages a database server’s ability to make DNS requests to pass data to an attacker? Option 1 : Union-based SQLi Option 2 : In-band SQLi Option 3 : Out-of-band SQLi Option 4 : Time-based blind SQLi 1. Union-based SQLi Union
Johnson, an attacker, performed online research for the contact details of reputed cybersecurity firms. He found the contact number of sibertech.org and dialed the number, claiming himself to represent a technical support team from a vendor. He warned that a specific server is about to be compromised and requested sibertech.org to follow the provided instructions. Consequently, he prompted the victim to execute unusual commands and install malicious files, which were then used to collect and
Clark is a professional hacker. He created and configured multiple domains pointing to the same host to switch quickly between the domains and avoid detection. Identify the behavior of the adversary in the above scenario. Option 1 : Use of DNS tunneling Option 2 : Unspecified proxy activities Option 3 : Use of command-line interface Option 4 : Data staging 1. Use of DNS tunneling DNS tunneling enables these cyber criminals to insert malware or
In order to tailor your during a web-application scan, you decide to determine which web-server version is hosting the application. On using the sV flag with Nmap, you obtain the following response: 80/tcp open http-proxy Apache Server 7.1.6 What information-gathering technique does this best describe? Option 1 : Banner grabbing Option 2 : Brute forcing Option 3 : WHOIS lookup Option 4 : Dictionary attack 1. Banner grabbing Banner grabbing is a technique wont to
vulnerability assessment
An organization is performing a vulnerability assessment for mitigating threats. James, a pen tester, scanned the organization by building an inventory of the protocols founds on the organization’s machines to detect which ports are attached to services such as an email server, a web server, or a database server. After identifying the services, he selected the vulnerabilities on each machine and started executing only the relevent tests. What is the type of vulnerability assessment solution
Wilson, a professional hacker, targets an organization for financial benefits and plans to compromise its systems by sending malicious email. For this purpose, he uses a tool to track the email of the target and extracts information such as sender identities, email servers, sender IP addresses, and sender locations from different public sources. He also checks if an email address was leaked using the haveibeenpwned.com API. Which of the following tools is used by Wilson

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