Concept of Security, Cyber Space & Cyber Crime

Concept of Security Cyber Space & Cyber Crime in this Cyber crime refers to the series of social group attacking each cyber space and cyber crime security. Cyber crime refers to criminal activity done exploitation computers and also the net. It conjointly involves criminal access (unauthorized access, transmissions of pc knowledge, to, from or at intervals a computing system .

Understanding Security as a process

Security is a process, not an end state.

Security is the process of maintaining standard level of apparent risk. No organization can be considered “secure” for any time beyond the last verification of adherence to its security policy. If your manager asks, “Are we secure?” you should answer, “Let me check.” If he or she asks, “Will we have a tendency to be secure tomorrow?” you should answer, “I don’t know.” Such honesty will not be popular, but this mind-set will produce greater success for the organization in the long run.

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Security Features

Confidentiality: It is roughly equivalent to privacy. Measures undertaken to confirm confidentiality are designed to stop sensitive data from reaching the incorrect folks, whereas ensuring that the proper folks will actually get it: Confidentiality is assurance that data is shared solely among approved persons or organizations.

Integrity: Assurance that the information is authentic and complete. Integrity In information security, data integrity means maintaining and assuring the accuracy and consistency of data over its entire life-cycle.

Availability: Assurance that the systems responsible for delivering, storing and processing information are accessible when needed, by those who need them. Availability of knowledge refers to making sure that approved parties are able to access the data once required.

Concept of Cyberspace:

With the arrival and growth of electronic transmission, the word “cyberspace” has entered into everyday formulation. But what does this word signify? I begin by sketching equivalence between physical area and Internet, showing that they share the ideas of place, distance, size and route in common. With this mutual framework in place, I’m going on to look at numerous theories substantial, relational, physicist and Kantian concerning the character of physical area. We see that, whereas Internet shares a number of the properties of physical area isolated by every of those theories, still it cannot be subsumed under any one theory. We also see that cyberspace exhibits several novel properties, projecting it far beyond the scope of any existing theory and setting it apart as an exciting Cyberspace is “the environment in which communication over computer network happens.“And almost everybody in one way or the other is connected to it.

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Concept of Cybercrime

Computer crime, or cybercrime, is any offence committed over a computer and a network. Computers are utilized in the commission of a criminal offense, or it may be the target.

To better cybercrime understand, you can refer to below example.

Commonwealth bank, australia – march 2011:- automatic teller machines (atms) spat outtens of thousands of free dollars in sydney tuesday after a computer glitch turned into a nightmare for the commonwealth bank. It security believe that it is a consequence of hacking.

As per University of Maryland, Cyber security, also referred to as information technology security, focuses on protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction.The state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic information, or the measures taken to achieve this.‘Some folks have argued that the threat to cyber security has been somewhat inflated’.


Cyber security endeavours to confirm the realization and maintenance of the safety properties of the association and user’s assets against relevant security risks within the cyber setting.

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