Defend Against Key loggers

Defend Against Key loggers are an increasingly common variety of malware threatening consumers today. Key logger programs record every keystroke the user makes, and hackers can use this data to decipher your passwords and other tip . Unfortunately, keyloggers are very difficult to detect. this suggests your information will be compromised for an extended time without you knowing it. Read on for more information on what keyloggers are, how they work, and the way you’ll be able to prevent them from accessing your computer.

The following are some more ways to defend against keyloggers:

Use pop-up blockers and avoid opening junk emails
Install anti-spyware antivirus programs and keep the signatures up to now.
Install professional firewall software and anti-key logging software.
Recognize phishing emails and delete them.
Update and patch system software regularly to defend against key loggers
Do not click on links in unwanted or doubtful emails which will point to malicious sites
Use keystroke interference software, which inserts randomized characters into every keystroke,
Antivirus and anti spyware software is ready to detect any installed software, but it’s better to detect these programs before installation. Scan the files thoroughly before installing them onto the pc and use a registry editor or process explorer to see for keystroke loggers.
Use the Windows onscreen keyboard accessibility utility to enter the password or the other tip. you’ll maintain your information confidentially because you employ mouse to enter any information like passwords and master card numbers into the keyboard, rather than typing the passwords using the keyboard.
Use automatic form-filling password manager or a virtual keyboard to enter user names and passwords because they avoid exposure through key loggers, This automatic form-filling password manager will remove the utilization of typing your personal, financial, or confidential details like master card numbers and passwords through keyboards.
Keep your hardware systems secure in a very locked environment and regularly check the keyboard cables for the attached connectors, USB port, and computer games like the P52 that are accustomed install key logger software.
Use software that regularly scans and monitors the changes within the system or network.
Install host-based IDS, which may monitor your system and disable the installation of key loggers.

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Hardware Key logger Countermeasures

Restrict physical access to sensitive computer systems.
Periodically check your keyboard interface to make sure that no extra components are plugged to the keyboard cable connector.
Use encryption between the keyboard and its driver.
Use an anti-key logger that detects the presence of a hardware key logger like Oxygen Key Shield.
Use an on-screen keyboard and click on thereon by employing a mouse.

Anti-Key loggers

. Anti-key loggers, also called anti-keystroke loggers, detect and disable keystroke logger software. Anti-key logger’s special design helps them to detect software key loggers. Many urge organizations, financial institutions, online gaming industries, also as individuals use anti-key loggers for shielding their privacy while using systems. This software prevents a key logger from logging every keystroke typed by the victim and thus keeps all personal information safe and secure. An anti-key logger scans a computer, detects, and removes keystroke logger software. If the software (anti-key logger) finds any keystroke logging program on your computer, it immediately identifies and removes the key logger, whether it’s legitimate keystroke logging program or an illegitimate keystroke logging program.

Some of the anti-key loggers detect the presence of hidden key loggers by comparing all files within the computer against a signature database of key loggers and checking out similarities. Other anti-key loggers detect the presence of hidden key loggers by protecting keyboard drivers and kernels from manipulation. A virtual keyboard or touch screen makes the keystroke capturing job of malicious spyware or Trojan programs difficult. Anti-key loggers secure your system from spyware, key loggers.

Zemana Anti Logger

Zemana Anti Logger may be a software application that blocks hackers. It detects any attempts to change your computer’s settings; record your activities, hook to your PCs sensitive processes, or inject malicious code in your system. It protects your computer from key logger and malware attacks, thereby protecting your identity. The Anti Logger detects the malware at the time it attacks your system instead of detecting it supported its signature fingerprint. It’ll prompt you if any computer virus is attempting to record the keystrokes of your system, capture your screen, gain access to your clipboard, microphone, and webcam, or inject itself into any sensitive areas of your system.

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Zemana Anti-logger provides protection against various threats like SSL logger, webcam logger, Key loggers, clipboard and screen logger, spyware, Trojans, and so on.

In cybersecurity there are so many different attacks are there in which one of the most happen attack is stealing user data using of keylogger. keylogger captures all the data which you type with your keyboard and hacker trace that data. mostly data can be login id or password. Infosavvy gives Training on CEHv10 Course in which you will learn in details of these types of attacks.

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