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DHCP Starvation Attack

In a DHCP starvation attack, an attacker floods the DHCP server by sending a large number of DHCP requests and uses all of the available IP addresses that the DHCP server can issue. As a result, the server cannot issue any longer IP addresses, resulting in Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, due to this issue, valid users cannot obtain or renew their IP addresses, and thus fail to access their network. An attacker broadcasts DHCP requests with spoofed MAC addresses with the help of tools like Gobbler.

DHCP Starvation Attack Tools

DHCP starvation attack tools send a large number of requests to a DHCP server leading to exhaustion of server’s address pool. After which DHCP server isn’t able to allocate configurations to new clients,


Yersinia is a network tool designed to take advantage of some weakness in different network protocols like DHCP, It pretends to be a solid framework for analyzing and testing the deployed networks and systems,

Some of the DHCP starvation attack tools are listed below:

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To mitigate a rogue DHCP server attack, set the connection between the interface and the rogue server is untrusted. That action will block all ingress DHCP server messages from that interface.

The DHCP Starvation attack most happen attack in cybersecurity . In this attack hacker send so many forged request to the DHCP server and server broadcast the message and then a hacker can access that message. In Infosavvy you learn in details of this attack in CEHv10 Course and Certification by EC-Council.

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