Identify Intelligence needs and requirements

Intelligence needs

Identify Intelligence needs is the first step for any organization once establishing a threat intelligence program is to assemble the requirements before payment time in researching and collecting information from intelligence sources. Gathering wants sometimes winds up in confusion in respondent queries like what are the tools to be used and therefore the method many security professionals are needed to accomplish the tasks. the foremost goal of fixing the needs is to understand what sort of knowledge is needed by the organization and therefore the method it’s consumed. These wishes of identify threat intelligence will guide the organization in shaping the scope of the threat intelligence program.

An organization should verify the threat intelligence needs by respondent queries such as:
What sort of intelligence can the client need?
Once can the intelligence so as ought to be delivered to the consumer?
These queries are high-level strategic queries that are of times answered by the high-level executives of the organization.
Some samples of such queries are as follows:
WHO are the potential adversaries to the organization? (Identify the need: Threat Actors)
Is that the organization well equipped to thwart botnet attacks? (Identify the need: Botnet)
What vulnerabilities exist at intervals the technology and IT infrastructure of the organization that is exploited most frequently? (Identify the need: Malware)
In order to contextualize the strategic needs and verify acceptable wants, the organization has got to answer the queries like WHO, why, what, when, how, and where aspects of threat intelligence.
Some samples of such intelligence wants are as follows:
Why have state-sponsored hackers, hacktivists, or cyber terrorists specifically targeted the organization?
What are the capabilities of the Mirai and Necurs botnets?
How are the vulnerabilities in internet adventurer, Adobe systems, Java, thus on exploited by Rig Exploit kit?

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Define Threat Intelligence wants

The success of a CTI program depends on grouping and shaping acceptable wants for the program. Cyber intelligence wants play a big role in developing associate degree economical CTI program as they assist ensure the correct data and additionally the power to ope-rationalize the intelligence are gained. These wants ought to be prioritized so as that the foremost necessary knowledge is processed initial and is not lost at intervals the noise. Organizations ought to place confidence in developing economical and effective wants that facilitate them in detecting the threat actors, grouping acceptable identify intelligence matching the wants, reducing the worth of grouping and scattering intelligence, and generating intelligence at intervals the required format for each sort of shopper.

Threat intelligence incorporates an instantaneous impact on cyber security professionals as they use it to secure the IT assets of the organization. Also, various structure functions like legal, compliance, marketing, brand, human resources, and physical security are compact by threat intelligence. Organizations need to begin with a primary use case for threat intelligence. They’ll like one of the everyday use cases given below:

Bar and Detection of Attacks

It is the foremost important use case for threat intelligence. It’s powerful to trace the adversaries, so organizations need to incorporate external threat info into the current security infrastructure to identify what is to be detected and blocked. If the organization regarding worries cares is concerned worries about advanced adversaries, then they need to start with this use case.


If a company has already full-fledged a booming compromise, then the organization can leverage threat intelligence to reduce the most target and guide the investigation technique.


If the current security mechanisms do not appear to be ready to notice security threats, then some organizations use teams to hunt proof of opponent activities among their surroundings. Threat intelligence provides these teams with knowledge of latest malware indicators and patterns that facilitate them in police work suspicious activities among the network. Also, the intelligence on advanced adversaries helps them in characteristic the behavior of specific actors clearly before exploitation.

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The organization should target accomplish-able adversaries once identify the every primary and secondary use cases for threat intelligence. This helps in additional extra data concerning the TTPs used by the adversaries. Gathering knowledge of specific attacks and adversaries to the organization’s surroundings helps the protection teams to refine and enhance the protection mechanisms with threat intelligence.

Finally, organizations need to decide the thanks to utilize the no inherited threat intelligence.
Will the organization use threat intelligence for machine-controlled obstruction of malicious traffic at preventative controls, security observation devices, and incident response solutions?
Is that the threat intelligence fed into the STEM resolution or totally different security observation solutions for providing prompt alerting of security incidents?
Is the threat intelligence utilized for threat hunting?

Organizations need to answer the on prime of inquiries to elect the thanks to incorporate threat intelligence into the current security infrastructure.Identify Intelligence needs and requirements.
The organization’s intelligence requirements typically comprise three directives: future, medium term, and short term.
Long-term directives square measure broader in scope and typically persist for one or a pair of years.
Medium-term directives are related to the precise topic and last only for weeks or months.
Short-term directives are slim in scope, set up of action in nature, and persist only for some days.

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