Web Server Security Tools

This section describes common web server security tools that keep an internet server secure from possible attacks, These tools scan for vulnerabilities during a target server and web applications, send alerts on hacking attempts, scan for malware within the web server, and perform more security assessment activities. Web server security is the protection of information assets that can be accessed from a Web server. Web server security is important for any organization that has a physical or virtual Web server connected to the Internet. Web site security logs should be audited on a …

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Threat Intelligence Lifecycle

The threat intelligence lifecycle forms a basis for the threat intelligence teams to plan and execute tips more efficiently and effectively. Organizations maintain threat intelligence team to build tips to uncover the emerging threats that increase business risk.This section discusses the threat intelligence lifecycle, maturity model, and frameworks that assist and guide the intelligence teams in building an efficient TIP. It also discusses factors to be considered while buying a threat intelligence solution. Threat Intelligence …

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9 Tips for Top Data Backup Strategy

9 Tips for Top Data Backup Strategy is the heart of any organization; data loss can be very costly as it may have financial impact on any organization. Backup is the process of making a duplicate copy of critical data that can be used to restore and serve towards the recovery purpose when a primary copy is lost or corrupted either accidentally or on purpose. Data backup plays a crucial role in maintaining business continuity …

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What is Incident Management?

Incident Management Incident management is a set of defined processes to identify, analyze, prioritize, and resolve security incidents to restore the system to normal service operations as soon as possible, and prevent further recurrence of the incident. It involves not only responding to incidents, but also triggering alerts to prevent potential risks and threats. Security administrator must identify software that is open to attacks before someone takes advantage of the vulnerabilities. IT incident management is …

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Top cyber security certifications of 2020 in India

Top cyber security certifications of 2021 in India

Top cyber security certifications Top cyber security certifications of 2021 in India on this topic we’ll discuss in this article  like Cyber Security Certifications, their benefits, prerequisites, cost and average salaries of various Cyber Security roles intimately all things will comes in Top cyber security certifications of 2020 in India. Nowadays in our world, the technology is rising so much that every other person has at least one or two devices such as phones, laptops, computers, etc. and …

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