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CISSP Penetration Testing – Bk1D6T2St2

Penetration testing is another assessment activity similar to vulnerability scanning, but goes further. A vulnerability scan enumerates the issues it finds on a server that present a risk of compromise, and it provides a report of those vulnerabilities but does not work to exploit them. A penetration test may include the same activity as the vulnerability scan  to identify potential targets. In addition, the penetration test then continues to attempt    to exploit, or take advantage …

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CISSP Conduct Security Control Testing – Bk1D6T2

After an organization has selected security control, it must determine whether a control is effective and efficient. Since controls cover a wide range of types, such as administrative controls, technical controls, and others, testing methods must be chosen that are suited to each control, and some controls may require multiple types of testing to fully validate them. As an example of a process and technical control, if an organization is using the ISO 27002:13 standard, …

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ISO 27001 Annex : 18.2 Information Security Reviews

ISO 27001 Annex : 18.2 Information Security Reviews

Its objective is to ensure that information security is enforced and managed in compliance with organizational policies and procedures. A.18.2.1 Independent Review of Information Security Control- A proposed or major improvement should be taken into account internally for the organization’s approach to information security management and execution, (ie. control objectives, controls, policies, processes, and procedures for information security). Related Product : ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Training And Certification ISMS Implementation Guidance The independent review will be …

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Web Server Attack Tools

Web Server Attack Tools now familiar with the methodology that an attacker uses to hack an internet server. This section will introduce web server hacking took that an attacker may use within the web server hacking methodology described within the previous section. These tools extract critical information during the hacking process. Web Server Attack Tool: Metasploit The Metasploit Framework may be a penetration-testing toolkit, exploit development platform, and research tool that has hundreds of working …

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Web Server Attacks

The Web Server Attacks which is an attacker can use many techniques to compromise a web server such as DoS/DDoS, DNS server hijacking, DNS amplification, directory traversal, Man-in-the-Middle (MITM)/sniffing, phishing, website defacement, web server misconfiguration, HTTP response splitting, web cache poisoning, SSH brute force, web server password cracking, and so on. This section describes these possible attacks in detail. Web Server Attack Module is part of Certified Ethical Hacker training at Infosavvy – We look at …

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Types of Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Types of Penetration testing, Penetration testing is a method of evaluating the security of an information system or network by simulating an attack to find out vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. Penetration test (or “pen-testing”) exposes the gaps in the security model of an organization and helps organizations reach a balance between technical prowess and business functionality from the perspective of potential security breaches. This can help in disaster recovery and business …

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Top 12 steps for Foot printing Penetration Testing

Top 12 steps for Foot printing Penetration Testing so far, we’ve got mentioned the mandatory techniques and tools that may be used to footprint Penetration a target organization’s network. Penetration testing (or pen testing) refers to the method of testing the organization’s security posture using similar techniques and tools as that of an attacker, however with the information and approval of the organization. Foot printing is that the first step to perform within the Penetration …

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