Security Testing

CISSP Development Methodologies – Bk1D8T1St1P4

Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle CISSP Development Methodologies in this the Microsoft SDL is a software development process that helps developers build more secure software and address security compliance requirements while reducing development cost. It prescribes best practices, processes, standards, security activities, and tools in an approach to implement an SDL program. The SDL is intended for use by a variety of different organizations of different sizes and capabilities. It includes an optimization model to guide …

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CISSP Interface Testing – Bk1D6T2St8

When two systems or a user and a system can interact with each other, the exchange of data occurs via an interface. Interfaces allow systems to exchange data with each other, other applications, other systems, and users. Interface testing is used to validate whether systems or components pass data and control information properly. This systematic evaluation of the interface’s functionality helps ensure the integrity and possibly the confidentiality and availability of the data and services …

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Intelligence-Led Security Testing

Intelligence-Led Security Intelligence-Led Security Testing approaches don’t seem to be enough for the organizations to defend against the evolving cyber threat landscape. The organizations have to be compelled to extract the cyber threat intelligence (CTI) that uncovers each famous and unknown threats; thereby they’ll implement a additional sturdy defensive mechanism. what is more, organizations have to be compelled to perform intelligence LED security testing rather than standard security testing approaches. Intelligence security testing provides discourse …

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