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Skills That You Can Learn From ECIH V2 Released By EC-Council

ECIH v2 released by EC-Council (Certified Incident Handler) EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (ECIH) is one in all the foremost globally respected incident handling certifications. It covers a way to steel onself for, manage and get over a good range of incident threats to an organisation.On the 15th of February EC-Council released ECIH Version 2 (v2). As a top EC-Council partner, Firebrand had the prospect to preview the new certification. Here’s a fast check out the …

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15 benefits of security certification-infosavvy

15 Benefits Of Security Certifications to Upgrade Career Path 2020

Security Certifications In this article you will learn, 15 Benefits Of Security Certifications to Upgrade Career Path 2020, which can help you career path etc. Benefits Of Security Certifications That May Upgrade your career path Professional & Technical certifications are well known and highly esteemed in industries like IT, Business, Management, and Teaching. If you belong to at least one of those industries, a certification will boost your career and open a wealth of latest …

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Distribute Threat Intelligence Overview

Distribute Threat Intelligence overview to evolving landscape of cyber threats and attacks has raised the need to access timely intelligence to protect the organizations against varied knowledge breaches and security incidents. Organized threat actors with subtle tools and strategies are creating ancient defense mechanisms ineffective. To resolve such issues, the organizations would like a frenzied threat intelligence program to collaborate and share threat intelligence that has awareness and alerts stakeholders concerning evolving information breaches and …

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Priority Intelligence needs

Priority Intelligence needs PIRs are outlined because the basic parts needed for building a threat intelligence program. PIRs are sometimes approved by the organization’s management. Priority Intelligence needs PIRs provides needs that square measure essential for high-level management for creating strategic, operational, or military science changes within the structure infrastructure to scale back risks. Priority Intelligence needs PIRs facilitate organizations to succeed in their strategic goals by providing dynamic situational awareness concerning the evolving threat …

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Life Cycle of forensics information in the system

Forensics Information Life Cycle of forensics information in the system Forensics information in order to efficiently handle the numerous incidents that an organization may come across, it’s essential that the forensic issues be implemented into the existing system life cycle. A few such examples are as given below: • Maintaining a backup of the system on a regular basis• For securing centralized log servers, audit reports should be forwarded by auditing the workstations, servers, and …

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Forensic Readiness an Overview

Forensic Readiness In the current situation, protecting vital IT assets from varied cyber security attacks by means that of various technical and security procedures isn’t comfortable. Organizations got to be ready to thwart the evolving cyber security threats. Forensic readiness helps organizations to boost this cyber security posture, cut back the impact caused thanks to security incidents, and facilitate security professionals in demonstrating that economical and effective security measures are taken to shield vital IT …

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Securing the Crime Scene

Securing Securing the Crime Scene first responders should guarantee the safety of all the people at the crime scene further as defend the integrity of the proof. Once inbound at the location, the first responders should move to the scene of the incident and establish the victim devices, networks, so on and mark a fringe. Some of the best practices to secure the crime scene include: • Follow customary procedures and policies of the legal …

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Enhancing Incident Response by Establishing SOPs

Enhancing Incident Response by Establishing SOPs threat intelligence usually consists of indicator of threats such as IP addresses, URLs, domain names, malware hashes, and filenames. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) play an important role in improving incident response. When it involves up cyber incident response, security groups will learn a valuable lesson from the military regarding the importance of normal in operation procedures. “ SOPs ” document prescribed strategies for completing associate activity or responding to …

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Variety of important anti-forensic techniques

Anti-forensic techniques are the act ions and anti-forensic techniques that hinder the forensic investigation method therefore on shield the attackers and perpetrators. These techniques act against the investigation technique like discover particle, collect particle, and analysis is of proof files and sidetrack the incident responders. Anti-forensic techniques that embody deletion and over writing processes, to boot facilitate to substantiate the confidentiality of knowledge by reducing the flexibility to browse it. Attackers use these techniques to …

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What is Pyramid of Pain ? & It’s types

Pyramid of Pain & It’s types is all loCs are not created with the same value as some hold much more importance in comparison to other loCs. Pyramid of pain represents the types of indicators that the analyst must look out to detect the activities of an adversary as well as the amount of pain that the adversary needs to adapt to pivot and continue with the attack even when the indicators at each level …

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