Network Security

CISSP Security of Code Repositories – Bk1D8T2St3

Source code repositories are the backbone of secure software development. Considering the human and intellectual capital invested in source code, most likely it is among an organization’s most valuable assets. A source code repository persistently stores uniquely identifiable versions of software source code. It also enables developers to make parallel changes to source code files in  a separate branch and then merge the changes into the original or other branches of the software configuration. Protection …

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CISSP Secure Network Components – Bk1D4T2

Secure Network Components in this society has benefited from the Internet. All of the interconnections, the communication capabilities, the digital transformations, and the speed of sharing information have changed and, in some cases, saved lives. Almost every industry has advanced by exploiting Internet capabilities; healthcare, retail, banking, industrial control, military, government, and telecommunications are all more efficient and effective, to the benefit of the stake- holders of their services and products. However, with all of …

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CISSP Implement Secure Design Principles in Network Architectures – Bk1D4T1

The scope of this material is to stay aligned with best practices in the secure design of network architectures. There are a variety of emerging ideas and innovative procedures that it may be useful to examine. The reader is encouraged to use supplemental sources and to stay on top of developments in the industry as they evolve. However, the core information regarding communications and network security are found within. The introduction of the concepts begins …

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Analyzing IDS Logs

Analyzing IDS Logs in this Intrusion detection systems (IDSs) and intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) are among the most sophisticated network security devices in use today.These systems’ logs contain valuable network threat information about attack types, devices being targeted, and more. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are automated systems that monitor and analyze network traffic and generate “alerts” in response to activity that either match known patterns of malicious activities or is unusual. … IDS can be either network or host-based. In addition …

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Advanced Persistent Threat Life-cycle

Threat Life-cycle Advanced Persistent Threat Life-cycle landscape, organizations ought to concentrate a lot of on AP threat life-cycle. Advanced persistent threats could target organization’s IT assets, money assets, holding, and name. The ordinarily used security and defensive controls won’t do to stop and defend from such attacks. Attackers behind such attacks adapt their TTPs supported the vulnerabilities and security posture of the target organization. It helps attackers evade the protection controls of the target organization. …

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Overview of Cyber security Frameworks

Cyber security Framework provides a policy framework of computer security guidance for how private sector organizations can assess and improve their ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks. Overview Overview of Cyber security Frameworks has been in limelight for over few years due to the continual cyber attacks that are happening. Well allow us to understand what Cyber-Security is normally and perceive what’s the most use of its implementation. Cyber security is nothing however a typical method, a bunch of technologies …

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Network Security Controls

Network Security Controls are used to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the network services. These security controls are either technical or administrative safeguards implemented to minimize the security risk. To reduce the risk of a network being compromised, an adequate network security requires implementing a proper combination of network security controls. These network security controls include: Access Control Identification Authentication Authorization Accounting Cryptography Security Policy These controls help organizations with implementing strategies for …

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What Is Threat Assessment?

Threat assessment Threat assessment is the process of examining, filtering, transforming, and modeling of acquired threat data for extracting threat intelligence. It is a process where the knowledge of internal and external threat information. The definition of threat varies from organization to organization and industry to industry. Even the threat assessment varies depending on the requirement of the organization. Threat assessment enriches the security measures of the organization with insight into internal and external threat …

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What is Ethical Hacking? & Types of Hacking

Ethical hacking is the practice of employing computer and network skills in order to assist organizations in testing their network security Ethical hacking for possible loopholes and vulnerabilities. White Hats are the individuals or experts who perform ethical hacking. Nowadays, most organizations are hiring White Hats to assist them in enhancing their cyber security. They perform hacking in ethical ways, with the permission of the network/system owner and without the intention to cause harm. Ethical …

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10 Steps to Cyber Security

10 steps to cybersecurity During this blog, we explain and provide advice on the way to start Risk management regime, Secure configuration, Home and mobile working, Incident management, Malware prevention, Managing user privileges, Monitoring, Network security, etc… Related Product: Certified Ethical Hacker | CEH Certification 10 steps to cyber security is a part Certified Ethical Hacking v10(CEH v10) training you learn the cyber security attacks and their impact. As technology continues to evolve so also …

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