TEN Different Types Of Hackers


TEN Different Types Of Hackers In computing, a hacker is any skilled computer expert that uses their technical knowledge to overcome a problem. While “hacker” can refer to any skilled computer programmer, the term has become associated in popular culture with a “security hacker”, someone who, with their technical knowledge, uses bugs or exploits to break into computer systems. Hacker usually fall into one of the following categories, according to their activities:

1. Black Hats Hackers

Taking credit for the negative persona around “hacking,” these guys are your culprits. A black hat hacker is that the sort of hacker you ought to be worried. Heard a news a few new cybercrime today? one among the black hat hackers could also be behind it. While their agenda could also be monetary most of the time, it’s not always just that. These hackers search for vulnerabilities in individual PCs, organizations and bank systems. Using any loopholes they’ll find, they will hack into your network and obtain access to your personal, business and financial information. Black hats are individuals who use their extraordinary computing skills for illegal or malicious purposes. This category of hacker is often involved with criminal activities. They are also known as crackers.

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2. White Hats Hackers

Meet the right guys on the dark web. White hat hackers, also referred to as ethical hackers are the cybersecurity experts who help the govt. and organizations by performing penetration testing and identifying loopholes in their cybersecurity. They even do other methodologies and ensure protection from black hat hackers and other malicious cyber crimes. Simply stated, these are the right people that are on your side. they’re going to hack into your system with the great intention of finding vulnerabilities and help you remove virus and malware from your system.

3. Gray Hats Hackers

Gray hat hackers fall somewhere in between white hat and black hat hackers. While they’ll not use their skills for personal gain, they can, however, have both good and bad intentions. as an example , a hacker who hacks into a corporation and finds some vulnerability may leak it over the web or inform the organization about it. It all depends upon the hacker. Nevertheless, as soon as hackers use their hacking skills for personal gain they become black hat hackers. there’s a fine line between these two. So, let me make it simple for you. Because a gray hat hacker doesn’t use his skills for personal gain, he’s not a black hat hacker. Also, because he’s not legally authorized to hack the organization’s cyber security, he can’t be considered a white hat either.

4. Blue Hats Hackers

These are another form of novice hackers very similar to script kiddies whose main agenda is to require revenge on anyone who makes them angry. they need no desire for learning and should use simple cyber attacks like flooding your IP with overloaded packets which can result in DoS attacks. A script kiddie with a vengeful agenda are often considered a blue hat hacker.

5. Suicide Hackers

Suicide hackers are individuals who aim to bring down critical infrastructure for a “cause” and are not worried about facing jail terms or any other kind of punishment. They are similar to suicide bombers, who sacrifice their life for an attack and are thus not concerned with the consequences of their actions.

6. Script Kiddies Hackers

A derogatory term often used by amateur hackers who don’t care much about the coding skills. These hackers usually download tools or use available hacking codes written by other developers and hackers. Their primary purpose is usually to impress their friends or gain attention. However, they don’t care about learning. By using off-the-shelf codes and tools, these hackers may launch some attacks without bothering for the quality of the attack. commonest cyber attacks by script kiddies might include DoS and DDoS attacks.

7. Malicious Insider or Whistle blower

A malicious insider or a whistle blower could also be an employee with a grudge or a strategic employee compromised or hired by rivals to garner trade secrets of their opponents to remain on top of their game. These hackers may take privilege from their quick access to information and their role within the corporate to hack the system.

8. Red Hat Hackers

Red Hat Hackers have an agenda almost like white hat hackers which in simple words is halting the acts of Black hat hackers. However, there’s a serious difference within the way they operate. they’re ruthless when it involves dealing with black hat hackers. instead of reporting a malicious attack, they believe taking down the black hat hacker completely. Red hat hacker will launch a series of aggressive cyber attacks and malware on the hacker that the hacker may also have to replace the entire system.

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9. State/Nation Sponsored Hackers

State or Nation sponsored hackers are those that have been employed by their state or nation’s government to snoop in and penetrate through full security to realize tip from other governments to stay at the highest online. they have an endless budget and extremely advanced tools at their disposal to target individuals, companies or rival nations.

10. Hacktivist Hackers

Hacktivist is when hackers break into government or corporate computer systems as an act of protest. Hacktivists use hacking to increase awareness of their social or political agendas, as well as themselves, in both the online and offline arenas. They are individuals who promote a political agenda by hacking, especially by defacing or disabling websites.Common hacktivist targets include government agencies, multinational corporations, or any other entity that they perceive as a threat. It remains a fact, however, that gaining unauthorized access is a crime, irrespective of their intentions.

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