DHCP Request/Reply Messages


DHCP Request/Reply Messages a device that already has an IP address can use the simple request/reply exchange Message to get other configuration parameters from a DHCP server. When the DHCP client receives a DHCP offer, the client immediately responds by sending back a DHCP request packet. Devices that aren’t using DHCP to accumulate IP addresses can still utilize DHCP’s other configuration capabilities. A client can broadcast a DHCP INFORM message to request that any available server send its parameters on the usage of the network. DHCP servers respond with the requested parameters and/or default parameters carried in DHCP options of a DHCP ACK message.

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If a DHCP request comes from a hardware address that’s within the DHCP server’s reserved pool and therefore the request isn’t for the IP address that this DHCP server offered, the DHCP server’s offer is invalid. The DHCP server can put that IP address back to the pool and offer it to a different client . In this ways the DHCP Request/Reply Messages going on.

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