Understand IP Address Locating Tools

Understand IP Address Locating Tools in this article explain types of tools which using for ip address location in forensic investigation. and also explain WHOIS lookup tools.

1. SmartWhois

SmartWhois may be a network information utility that permits you to seem up all the available information about an IP address, hostname or domain, name of the network provider, administrator and technical support contact information. It supports Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and also fully supports IPv6 addresses.

  • It saves results into an archive.
  • Allows execution of IP addresses or domain lists.
  • Enables caching of obtained results, hostname resolution, and DNS.
  • It provides the customizable interface.

2. ActiveWhois

ActiveWhois may be a network tool for Windows which is employed to seek out any information about the owners of IP address or Internet domain. you’ll determine the country, personal and postal addresses of the owner, and user of IP address and domains. ActiveWhois also allows users to explore DNS aliases.

  • The WHOIS-hyperlink feature allows you to explore domain databases
  • It allows to research even international domains.
  • Active Whois provides direct links to the domain registrars for every country.
  • ActiveWhois also can be utilized in offline mode.
  • All the finished WHOIS requests are going to be saved to disk and may be instantly retrieved without the necessity for a live internet connection.
  • The NetStat feature allows you to see who is connected to your computer.

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WHOIS Lookup Tools

1. LanWhols

The LanWhols program helps you discover out who, where, and when registered the domain or site you’re curious about, and therefore the information about those that supports it currently.

2. Batch IP Converter

Batch IP Converter may be a network tool to figure with IP addresses. It combines Domain-to-IP Converter, Batch Ping, Tracert, Whois, Website Scanner and Connection Monitor into one interface also as an IP-to-Country Converter.

3. CallerIP

CallerIP informs you when someone has connected to your computer and may report the IP address. It also runs a trace thereon IP address.

4. Sobolsoft

Sobolsoft is a web whois lookup tool.

5. WhoIs Analyzer Pro

WhoIs Analyzer Pro grants you access to contact records and other information from registrars and routing registries worldwide without you having to understand which one to go to. It gives accurate information for any IP address, email address, URL, or Autonomous System Number (ASN) by supplying you with access to contact records from every country worldwide.

6. HotWhois

HotWhois allows you to urge all IP Whois and Domain whois information about IP addresses and domain names. This IP tracking tool can reveal valuable information, like country, state, city, address, contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses of an IP provider.

7. ActiveWhois

ActiveWhois may be a network tool for Windows you’ll use to seek out any information about the owners of IP address or Internet domain. you’ll determine the country, personal and postal addresses of owner, and/or user of IP address and domains.

8. WhoisThisDomain

WhoisThisDornain may be a domain registration lookup utility allows you to simply get information a few registered domain. It automatically connects to the proper WHOIS server, consistent with the top-level name, and retrieves the WHOIS record of the domain.

9. SoftFuse Whois

SoftFuse Whois may be a desktop domain lookup utility. It does a lookup look for a website and presents you with all available information, like administrative, technical or billing contacts, domain location, hosting provider, creation, and expiration date.

10. Whois

Whois performs the registration record for the name or IP address specified by you

11. Domain Dossier

Domain Dossier is a web tool wont to investigate domains and IP addresses.

12. BetterWhois

BetterWhois offers a unified WHOIS search allowing you to see the domain availability, display domain ownership, and verify nameserver information across many domain registrars.

13. Whois Online

Whois Online may be a tool that permits you to urge information about various Internet resources, like domain names, networks, IP addresses, domain registrants or autonomous systems, It queries WHO’S databases to urge information that you simply are trying to find. WHOIS record contains human-readable information about the organization (or person) that owns or administers the queried resource and therefore the associated contact information.

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14. Web Wiz

WebWiz is a web tool wont to search the whois information for domains and IP addresses.

15. Network-Tools.com

Network-Tools.com is a web tool wont to perform whois lookup on a target website.

16. Whois

Whois performs the registration record for the user specified name or IP address.

17. DNSstuff

It allows forensic analysis of name and email servers, path analysis, authenticating and locating domains

18. Network Solutions Whois

Network Solutions Whois is a web tool wont to search for domain availability.

19. WebToolHub

WebToolHub is a web whois lookup service to see the owner of the name or IP address.

20. UltraTools

UltraTools is a web tool that shows you information about the domain you enter, including the Whois registration data, the location Profile, and IP information.

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